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Alexei Lubimov (Piano)


Portrait Alexei LubimovThe New York Times
„Mr. Lubimov´s Haydn, and his Mozart, too, for that matter, were models of textural clarity and animated, dramatic phrasing. He contributed his own stylish cadenza to the Haydn, which reflected the playfulness of the score´s outer movements.”

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RachmaninoffKonzert Nr. 4 g-moll op 40
LisztKonzert Nr. 2 A-dur R 456
BeethovenKonzert Nr. 1 C-dur op 15
 Konzert Nr. 3 c-moll op 37
 Konzert Nr. 4 G-dur op 58
 Konzert für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier C-dur op 56 (Tripelkonzert)
BrahmsKonzert Nr. 1 d-moll op 15
BartókKonzert Nr. 1 Sz 83
 Konzert Nr. 3 Sz 119
 Konzert für 2 Klaviere, Schlagzeug und Orchester Sz 115


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