Artist Management Augstein & Hahn: Who we are

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Who we are

Augstein Artist Management: Here are the people behind the name.

Helge Augstein, born in Hannover, studied law in Munich and was admitted to practice in the greater Metropolitan area of Munich as well. After several stays abroad, his work at the Cologne Philharmonic, Dr. Hilbert’s Agency and the direction of concerts at Hörtnagel in Munich paved the way to the establishment of his own independent agency in 1997. The encouragement and support of such artists as Natalia Gutman, Elisso Virsaladze, Barbara Hendricks and Olaf Bär laid the foundations for the establishment of the agency.

Stefan Hahn, born in Bayreuth, studied architecture in Munich. Upon becoming early on Margaret Price’s indispensable assistant, he quickly established himself in the international music scene. He thus guided the artist as well on her way to the Augstein Artists Management Agency, into which he easily assimilated and of which he is nowadays a full member on equal footing with its founder.


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