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Felicity Lott (Soprano)


Portrait Felicity LottNew York Times, February 2006
Dame Felicity’s easygoing, engaging performance made it seem as if moving through such an imaginative and wide-ranging program were easy. But it wouldn’t have worked as well for a singer with a less cosmopolitan sense of style. Dame Felicity, whose voice still sounds supple at close range some 30 years into her career, has the technique to shift with apparent effortlessness between the acid cabaret style of early Weill and the greater formality of Haydn, Mozart and Brahms, the studied simplicity of Britten’s folksong settings and the suave urbanity of Roussel, Fauré and Duparc songs.

Music sample

Selection of repertoire

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BrittenSpring Symphony
 diverse Volkslieder
 Chansons Françaises
WilliamsSymphonie Nr. 1 (Sea Symphony)
 Symphonie Nr. 3 (Pastoral)
PurcellBirthday Ode
ChaussonPoème de l´amour et de la mer
 Dixit Dominus
 Beatus Vir


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